The Awakening Factor (PDF Download) by Jeremy Lopez
The Awakening Factor (PDF Download) by Jeremy Lopez
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The Awakening Factor

by Jeremy Lopez

Since the very beginning mankind has longed to understand the truth concerning spiritual awakening and for millennia all world religions have attempted to better master spiritual awakening's powerful forces. But what is spiritual awakening truly, and what does an awakened life look like?  In The Awakening Factor, the highly-anticipated thirty-seventh book from new thought leader and prophetic pioneer Jeremy Lopez, you will learn to see the forces at work behind spiritual awakening in new, revelatory, and transcendent ways.  What does awakening look like in daily life?  Though we are all dreamers, what is it that truly separates the dreamers from the doers?  What separates those who cast vision from those who dare to actually take the bold, often frightening leaps of faith necessary to actually manifest those visions in reality?  There are very real differences – very real factors at work.  Are you ready to finally, once and for all, begin to trust your own inner voice as never before?  Are you prepared to make your dreams a reality?  Are you ready to finally live the powerful life you were always destined to live and to experience the life of abundance you've been promised?  If so, the time to act is now.  Learn to become more aware of the boundless opportunities existing all around you. Learn to develop a keen sense of alertness so that you can be prepared to seize all of life's wonderful opportunities. Learn to trust the leading of your own inner voice.  Dare to dream again.  Spiritually awaken and begin to masterfully harness the force of awakening in all areas of daily life as you begin to recognize your own awakening factors. Life is not happening to you; life is happening for you.


 Dr Jeremy Lopez is Founder and President of Identity Network International and Now is Your Moment. Identity Network is one of the worlds largest prophetic resource websites that reach people around the globe and distributes ebooks, books, audio downloads, teaching CDs and DVDs. Jeremy has taught and prophesied to thousands of people from all walks of life such as churches, producers, investors, business owners, attorneys, city leaders and musicians around the world concerning areas such as financial breakthrough's, life-changing decisions and discovering your career

Dr Jeremy Lopez is an international teacher, life coach, dream coach and motivational speaker. Jeremy speaks on Biblical principles and universal kingdom laws. He has a love for all people and desires to enrich and empower them to be successful. Jeremy believes it is time to awaken the treasure within people to live out the victorious life that was meant for us.  His desire is to live a life filled with purpose, potential, and destiny.

This is accomplished through conferences, seminars and one on one life coaching sessions. He serves on many governing boards and speaks to business leaders across the globe. He has coached and prophesied to those such as President Shimon Peres of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Governor Bob Riley of Alabama, millionaires and so many others in the political field. He has travelled to many nations and has hosted and been a guest on several radio and TV programs from Indonesia to New York.  


He is the author of nationally published books and E-books, including his newest book, Creating Your Soul Map: Manifesting the Future You with a Vision BoardCreating With Your ThoughtsThe Universe is at Your Command, Abandoned to Divine DestinyThe Power of the Eternal NowReleasing the Power of the PropheticAwakening to ProsperityYou Were Born to be An EntrepreneurDivine Direction for Finding SuccessBirthing Forth Your Prophetic WordPower Attraction and many more! He also has many courses and schools such as School of the Law of AttractionSchool of Thought, Visualization and ImaginationSchool of Seers, Dreamers and VisionariesSchool of Financial Perception and Mental EconomicsSchool of the Prophets Complete CourseSchool of DreamologySchool of Awakening into Christ Consciousness and many more!


Endorsements for Jeremy Lopez:



You are put on this earth with incredible potential and a divine destiny. This powerful, practical man shows you how to tap into powers you didn't even know you had.

Brian Tracy, Author, The Power of Self-Confidence





Within 'Warfare: Stop Attracting It,' Jeremy dives deep into the power of consciousness and shows us that we can create a world where the champion within us can shine and how we can manifest our deepest desires to live a life of fulfillment. A must read!

- Greg S. Reid- Forbes and Inc top rated Keynote Speaker



Jeremy Lopez has a true desire to help people connect with God through the Holy Spirit. His unique ability to communicate with simplicity is needed in the Church today. I highly recommend his ministry and training resources. - Doug Addison, InLight Connection




I have been privileged to have known Jeremy Lopez for many years as well as sharing the platform with him at a number of conferences. Through this time I have found him as a man of integrity, commitment, wisdom and one of the most networked people I have met. Jeremy is an entrepreneur and a leader of leaders. He has amazing insights into leadership competencies and values. He has a passion to ignite this latent potential within individuals and organizations and provide ongoing development and coaching to bring about competitive advantage and success. I would recommend him as a speaker, coach, mentor and consultant. - Chris Gaborit Learning Leader, Training & Outsourcing Expert, Entrepreneur, Network Orchestrator

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