Taboos in the Prophetic Movement (book) by Jeremy Lopez
Taboos in the Prophetic Movement (book) by Jeremy Lopez
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A Training Tool for Restoring Integrity

and Love Back into the Prophetic

"This is a time like never before that we need to hear the voice of the Lord. There are a lot of prophetic voices in the world and I have to confess that oftentimes prophecy can appear to be contradictory. This may not necessarily be because of the accuracy of the prophet. But there are many schools of training, old and new. Some of our prophetic training methods are outdated for this new season that we are in now.

Hearing the voice of God does not need to be mystical. I like to think of the supernatural things of God as being a natural part of our lives. That would make us naturally supernatural. You do not have to be a prophet to hear the voice of God. As we develop this ability, it will help us to get into our destiny much more quickly if we are able to hear God guiding us. It is also beneficial to us in developing a deeper relationship with the Lord as we know His heart and ways.

I was very excited when Jeremy asked me to write the foreword to his new book. First of all, Jeremy Lopez is by far one of the most accurate personal prophetic ministers I have met. Handsdown, he nails it more than anybody I know. He is not only accurate in hearing the voice of God; he operates in a very high degree of integrity. Jeremy and I have ministered together for a number of years, including private meetings inside of Hollywood producers and prominent people in the music industry. I'm telling you this because I have learned a lot from this man of God and I know that you will too as you open this book."  -Doug Addison, taken from the foreword by Doug Addison in Taboos in the Prophetic Movement by Jeremy Lopz

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