School of Seers, Dreamers and Visionaries Course (CDs, Book, DVDs) by Jeremy Lopez
School of Seers, Dreamers and Visionaries Course (CDs, Book, DVDs) by Jeremy Lopez
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School of Seers, Dreamers and Visionaries Course

by Jeremy Lopez
(3 Week Course)

What you get:

Welcome Letter

Course Syllabus


DVD1: Introduction to the School of Seers, Dreamers and Visionaries

DVD2: Live Your Dreams and Visions

Week 1:Seers

In this series, you will learn about the operation, flow and even the seeing process of the seer. The Word tells us to "have an eye to see and an ear to hear."  Instead of seeing with the natural eye, we have the eye of the spirit that needs to be sharpened. What are you seeing? Do you know how to cater to what you are seeing? Pick up your paint brush, Jeremy is going to show you how to paint upon the canvas of your imagination.

Book: The Eye of the Seer

Is there a difference between the office of a prophet and the ministry of the seer?


What is a seer?


The seer (or watchman) prays, intercedes and will prophetically know when the enemy is coming.


The Eye of The Seer tells the difference between a (Nabi) prophet and a seer.


Chapters include:


1.    The Difference between Seers and Prophets

2.    The Connection with Provision

3.    Every Leader Needs to Have a Seer

4.    Seers Bring About Order in the House of the Lord

5.    Issuing Prophetic warnings

6.    The Effects of Music on the Prophetic Ministry

7.    Exercising the Prophetic Gifts under Authority

8.    Musicians and Intercessors Are Actually Moving in The Prophetic

9.    Ministry of the Gatekeeper or Porter

10. Walking in the Light (Revelation) of God

11. Understanding the "Nabi"

12. People Will See the Authority and Dominion You Carry From God

13. Anoint Our Eyes and Uncover Our Ears so That We Might See and Hear From The Father

CD1: From the Eye's Perspective

CD2: Seers Spiritual Timing

CD3: The Seeing Process of a Seer

CD4: Walking in the Office of the Seer

Week 2: Dreamers

Do you remember what you dream? Do you find yourself forgetting your dreams when you wake up? In this series, Jeremy teaches you how to feed into your dreams and set up your mind to be the open portal. The Lord wants to stir up your imagination! Jeremy will show you how to cater to that dream realm dimension so you can see and know what the Lord desires to show you.

CD1: Creating and Maintaining Your Dreams

CD2: Obstacles That Stop Creative Change

CD3: Steps How to Not Restrict Your Imagination

CD4: The Life  of a Dreamer

Week 3:  Visionaries

Are there different types of visions? Is it important for me to keep a watch on my mind? Will bad thoughts really affect my visions? The answer to these questions is yes! To see, behold and gaze means you are at the gateway to having a vision! In this series, Jeremy Lopez teaches you how to access the mind of Christ in you to see beyond the normal into the supernatural! 

CD1: Five Different Types of Visions

CD2: Being the Gatekeeper of Your Mind

CD3: The Three Brains of Man—Accessing the Mind

CD4: The Power of the Visionary


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