School of Financial Perception and Mental Economics (MP3 Digital Download 6 Week Course) By Jeremy Lopez
School of Financial Perception and Mental Economics (MP3 Digital Download 6 Week Course) By Jeremy Lopez
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The School of Financial Perception and Mental Economics 
Digital Download 6 Week Course 

(13- MP3 Teaching Download's / 2- MP4 Digital DVD Download's / 1- E-book Download Course)

By Jeremy Lopez

In this course Dr. Jeremy Lopez discusses every dimension concerning spiritual wealth and natural wealth. From credit card debt to creating a blueprint to have and master the wealth that has been promised to you. You will discover how to advance when you seem to be stuck on a job, as well as understanding how we have been using money incorrectly and gain in understanding in how to use money with wisdom. Every mindset you have had concerning money and wealth is about to be revolutionized. Understanding the law of prosperity that God has set into motion in the universe will cause the flow of wealth to be made reality in you life.

In this course, Dr. Jeremy Lopez imparts revelational knowledge of differences between riches and wealth and why they are not the same thing. He also teaches how we as human beings have been tilling the ground, "working the field", laboring for that portion that God said would be ours for the working of our labor. But there are universal laws of a "higher portion" that God wants us to tap into. Dr. Lopez discusses how we are to tap into that secret in order to accumulate and walk in wealth and prosperity.

During this course you will discover why money cannot stay stagnant, but like a river it to must flow. Money is the energy that God has given us within this earth realm. Ecclesiastes 10:19,"…but money answereth all things." And since money answers all things, we cannot stop the flow of this "energy" because the blocking of money results in poverty. Dr. Lopez also dives into the realm of the spirit in dealing with the 30, 60, 100 fold realm of finances. These universal laws show how and when to release the power of the seed in order to gain the harvest in your life.

Course includes...

Week 1:

˜ You Are Wealth - CD

˜ The Value of True Wealth - CD

˜ Increasing Your Wealth Life - CD

˜ Universal Law of Money and Success - DVD

Week 2:

˜ Working the Fields - CD

˜ How to Advance When You Are Stuck on a Job - CD

˜ Write a Plan or Blueprint for Your Business - CD

˜ God's Portion vs. Man's Portion - CD

˜ The Power of Giving - DVD

Week 3 & 4:

˜ The Flow of Money - CD

˜ Money Answers All Things - CD

˜ Why Do You Desire Money - CD

˜ Money is a Servant Not a Leader - CD

˜ Smart Money vs. Dumb Money - CD

(How to get out of Credit Card debt)

˜ Getting Out of Debt - DVD

Week 5:

˜ 30, 60, 100 Fold - CD

˜ The Laws of Financial Progression - Book

Week 6:

˜ Course Question and Answer Turn In Form 

  • This is your question and answer turn in form taken from the workbook that you are to fill out every week (or at your own pace) for the next 6 weeks
  • Once course is completed, mail the course questions/answers to the following address. Once your questions have been graded, we will then mail you back your certificate of completion.

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