Why I Speak In Tongues (book) by Kluane Spake
Why I Speak In Tongues (book) by Kluane Spake
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Why I Speak In Tongues

by Dr. Kluane Spake


Speaking in tongues is perhaps the most under-rated and under-desired Spiritual Gift. This book explains why it should be the primary first gift and the difference in public and private tongues. How to speak in tongues, Why, and When.


The prayer language of tongues is God's PRAYER THROUGH YOU AND FOR YOU.


Speaking in tongues is a REVELATORY GIFT that supersedes your logical mind and OPENS SPIRITUAL CHANNELS OF REVELATION.


  • This book will challenge what you think you know about tongues for private use, and will inspire you to further use this amazing Gift.
  • It also details how Tongues has not ceased throughout history since Pentecost.
About Dr. Kluane Spake

Dr. Kluane is a highly experienced keynote speaker. She works with hundreds of churches worldwide. She has a way of making the seemingly complex, easy to understand. These miraculous services are Spirit led, fast-moving, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. Each ministry is fresh and customized for your particular requests and needs.


Dr. Kluane Spake has worked with hundreds of churches worldwide and is considered one of the Apostolic pioneers in the arena of preaching about "the finished work of redemption."


As a highly focused preacher, author, speaker, coach and consultant, she is dedicated to helping Christians tap into their enormous potential and increase their sense of direction, confidence, and ability to tap into the supernatural.  You'll be able to immediately apply these ideas to your life and align into greater truth.


The passion of this ministry is to provide accurate Biblical understanding that will cause believers to shed preconceived religious notions, and press into a powerful comprehension of the infallible Word of God. Apprehending present truth leads us into greater awareness of our purpose, mission and ultimate legacy.


Dr. Spake lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and family.

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