Apostolic Authority (book) by Kluane Spake
Apostolic Authority (book) by Kluane Spake
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Apostolic Authority
by Dr. Kluane Spake
A Definitive Comprehensive on Future Church Government Establishing and maintaining proper AUTHORITY is the most important issue to solve in the church today.  This is a spiritual and practical guide to greater leadership authority.


  • Should there be apostles today?
  • If so, what should they do?
  • Why is authority missing?   
  • How does the wrong authority weaken God's power?
  • How are power and authority connected?
  • When are titles okay?
  • Answers about covering!
  • What is the proper governmental pattern? How should we lead in the future Church? 

There is no subject in the church or the world more controversial than who (if anyone) should be in authority. Because of the controversy, this subject is usually avoided. But now, because of escalating times, there is a hastening necessity for us to think Biblically and to redefine AUTHORITY in the church in Biblical terms.


Leadership authority is weakening and often missing. Effective apostles must emerge in this hour to regain, demonstrate, and release true authority.


The restoration and functionality of the apostolic global Church emerges with Kingdom velocity. The Lord waits for leaders to establish their God-given authority and restore His INTENTION and plan upon this earth.


Apostles must establish a functioning apostolic community of believers who are effective, empowered, and skilled. Apostles have the authority to equip believers to engage in Divine purposes. Apostles guide by giving corporate vision and strategy to mature believers who impact their homes, their cities, their nations, and the world. It is the season of change, velocity, and momentum.  

Foreword  by Dr. Stan DeKoven


May I dare ask, who will take up the apostolic authority necessary to face the challenges of the 21st century?


In this, Dr. Spake's latest book  Apostolic Authority, she exposes the strengths and weaknesses in present leadership models and practices, and present with clarity and conviction essential principles desperately needed for today's church and society in general. She also presents keen Kingdom insights which will indeed prepare and encourage present and future leadership.


I am honored to endorse this needed book for our generation, presented by Dr. Kluane Spake - who is a leader of leaders and a gift worth receiving.


Dr Stan DeKoven

President Vision International University

Vision International Education Network




You need to read Dr. Kluane Spake's book- Apostolic Authority! This is truly an awesome book! The best book (other than the Bible) that I have ever read on the subject of Prosperity. It's not a dirty word...even though it has been terribly misused and distorted. Dr. Kluane not only tackles the subject, she tackles the reader with extreme love, encouragement, wisdom, and applicable daily studies! GET IT! - Pastor Joe Chadburn


Apostolic Authority is absolutely off the chain!. Must Read for anyone doing Kingdom building today! This revelation is mac-fabulous insight. - Apostle Sharon Milon
About Dr. Kluane Spake

Dr. Kluane is a highly experienced keynote speaker. She works with hundreds of churches worldwide. She has a way of making the seemingly complex, easy to understand. These miraculous services are Spirit led, fast-moving, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. Each ministry is fresh and customized for your particular requests and needs.


Dr. Kluane Spake has worked with hundreds of churches worldwide and is considered one of the Apostolic pioneers in the arena of preaching about "the finished work of redemption."


As a highly focused preacher, author, speaker, coach and consultant, she is dedicated to helping Christians tap into their enormous potential and increase their sense of direction, confidence, and ability to tap into the supernatural.  You'll be able to immediately apply these ideas to your life and align into greater truth.


The passion of this ministry is to provide accurate Biblical understanding that will cause believers to shed preconceived religious notions, and press into a powerful comprehension of the infallible Word of God. Apprehending present truth leads us into greater awareness of our purpose, mission and ultimate legacy.


Dr. Spake lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and family.

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