How in Hell Can I Change (E-Book Download) by Wayne Sutton
How in Hell Can I Change (E-Book Download) by Wayne Sutton
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How In Hell Can I Change

E-Book Download

by Wayne Sutton

This is THE BOOK that shakes the very gates of Hell... the hidden truths within these pages will set you free!

Have you ever read a book, heard a speech, or been fortunate enough to meet someone that truly changed your life?  Have you ever picked up a book and found that you could not dare set it down until you had absorbed every single morsel of truth?  Or, maybe you can think back to a time when you bought a book, only to run back and buy more and more copies to give away to others - because of the impact it made upon your heart and life?  If so, then I welcome you to the newest book by Pastor Wayne Sutton - the book that will not only cause you to become excited once again about your own life - but also the one book that you will be able to tell people "changed your life", possibly unlike any other book you have read before.

Are you crying out for a change in your life? Have you found yourself crying out loud to others, or maybe you have kept it a secret within yourself- that silent scream for a change within your life and the life of those you love?

Have you faced the challenges and struggles that seem to test your faith, or even cause you to question your faith at times?

Too many times we seek to find true power to transform us, yet we seek in all the wrong places. The enemy has secretly hidden lies of damnation within some of the very best moral teachings of today. These corrupted beliefs have crept into our society through very well-meaning men and women, many in the very church itself!

These lies have held many people bondage to guilt, condemnation, and even habitual sins and addictions that lead to death. Have you ever found yourself thinking, "There has to be a better way?" So did we!

How In Hell Can I Change is your manual for your total and permanent transformation by the very Spirit of God, and it reveals to you not only the lies and misconceptions that may be holding you back - it also clearly paints you a step-by-step roadmap to victory in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This powerful book is an eye-catching and heart-wrenching tour through the lives of 2 people searching for truth, and the revelations they discover literally pour out of every page you anxiously read. This book is intriguing, practical, and will bring you and those who you love results as you learn the methods for co-operating with the loving spirit of God.

Why was this book written? Because of you.  Like me, as you read this letter I invite you think back upon all the areas you would like to see changed in your life. I urge you to consider the people that you know that are struggling with sin, addictions, guilt, and the other roadblocks to personal happiness and fulfillment.

The book was written to bypass all the lies of the enemy, to offer what no self-help book can offer, and to bring true change and peace to broken lives. It may be your life that will be changed by this book, or it may be the life of your loved ones that finally uncover their true self - the self led and transformed by God himself.

  • Easy To Read - Immediately on page 10 you are introduced to Snyder and his struggles - This book, although nonfiction, is told by the story of two fictional characters - therefore painting a portrait that captures your mind and releases grace as you read.
  • Unlike Any Self-Help Book How In Hell Can I Change is more than just another self-help book. In fact, it offers more than ANY self-help book ever has, or possibly could, as it shows you how to come in co-operation with the very spirit of God.  You will learn one of the biggest lies in many of the churches and religious circles today on page 26.
  • On page 57 learn exactly how to deal with "hidden sin" as a Christian and the only way to finally overcome it in your life!
  • Sex, drugs, and rock and roll - what is sin and what is not?  On page 98 learn how to deal with the "sin" question and literally destroy the doorways for guilt and condemnation once and for all!
  • Step-by-Step Program - Wayne literally takes you by the hand and leads you beyond the mazes of confusion and lies that have been spread, even by the very church at times, and walks you through a five step program to peace and change by God!  The information on page 114is wo rth the price of this book alone.

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