Sanctifying Your Imagination  (MP3   3 Teaching Download) by Sean Smith
Sanctifying Your Imagination (MP3 3 Teaching Download) by Sean Smith
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Sanctifying Your Imagination (3 CD Set)

MP3 Teaching Download

by Sean Smith

We have embarked upon a massive transition that is birthing, a new spiritual era in the Western world. Many people in modern society hunger for greater spiritual realities. The prophet Joel was given insight into the last days that God would pour out His Spirit on all flesh! We are witnessing an outpouring that is registering in the church and the marketplace.

Heaven is busy releasing spiritual impressions, spiritual pictures and holy visions. Sadly, many miss out because their inner spiritual files are corrupted. Sanctifying your imagination is about cleansing our hearts and opening our spiritual eyes to receive heaven's downloads.

Sean Smith has been launched into full-time evangelism, conducting outreaches and crusades all over the United States and overseas. Sean's messages are prophetic, challenging people to fulfill their destiny in Christ. Sean's services witness the Holy Spirit's supernatural release to meet people with a heart of compassion and to touch their needs. In addition to his evangelic ministry, Sean has served as the Director of Spiritual Life at Bethany Bible College in Scotts Valley, California. In May of 2001, Sean received a Masters in Ministry from the Wagner Leadership Institute. Sean's writings have been published in several nation-wide publications. The Smith family currently resides in San Ramon, California.

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