The Oil of Heaven - Instrumental (MP3 music download) by John Belt and Ryan Wyatt
The Oil of Heaven - Instrumental (MP3 music download) by John Belt and Ryan Wyatt
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The Oil of Heaven

Instrumental CD

by John Belt Ryan Wyatt

" I really feel more of His Oil/anointing on this CD than all of my previous ones.  More of Him, more of His Presence!  But this CD has more of an experiential element than I've ever experienced!"  - John Belt

The Oil of Heaven is a spontaneous non-stop flowing instrumental project that came out of the synergistic time in the Presence of God with Ryan Wyatt.  There is no replacement for the spontaneity of the Spirit leading us to the Throne of God.  This new CD "The Oil of Heaven" is about life, breathing again and becoming alive again to God and to the things of God in a fresh way.  Only His Oil from Heaven can bring us back to life. Only His breath can quicken us.  He is breathing life back into His Body.  He is giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to the Body of Christ. This is deep intimacy with Him. It is that close connection with Him that enables His life-giving Spirit to be imparted into the depths of our being. As you listen take a deep breath from the mouth of God as you receive His fresh Oil from heaven.

songs include:

  • The Heavens Opened 

    "The Heavens Opened" is filled with a variety of places and sound. There are subtle hint of majesty and awe. It hits a place where you are suddenly in this deep place of drinking of the Spirit.

  • The Overshadowing 

    "The Overshadowing" projects sounds of angelic voices and deep intimacy. It hits a place of utter tenderness that captures you in your emotions. This was created previous to Ryan Wyatt coming in the studio. While making it I was seeing visions of the purity and heart of Mary the Mother of Jesus. So when Ryan came into the studio he was looking for something that would work for the "Overshadowing" theme - just as Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit - this music was a perfect fit and a Spirit set-up. Many times when listening to this it ushers in a brokenness, a sweet time of tenderness before the Lord. In the later part of the song there is a place of entry into renewal and weightiness of the Presence of God - what a drinker!

  • The Oil of Hunger 

    The closest thing I can liken to "The Oil of Hunger" is "The Chronicles of Narnia". It is like you pass through a portal into another realm. It begins with a heartbeat and ends with a heartbeat. You feel like you are ascending into the heavens to discover this peaceful place of rest and utter consumation of thought in the beauty of God. It take you on a journey in the Spirit. This one takes the cake!

  • Sweet Presence 

    "The Sweet Presence" is like an adventure into the majesty and awe of God. There are thunders with trumpet blast. Then there are also intervals of soaking in the rest of God.

CD TIME: Approximately 65 minutes


Comments On "The Oil of Heaven" from Ryan Wyatt

The Oil of Heaven came out of collaboration in the presence of God between John Belt and myself. I was in the studio to record "The Overshadowing" record and I asked John to simply begin to play prophetically on the keyboard and I flowed prophetically through the microphone. This Oil of Heaven album is the instrumental version of what came from the Holy Spirit, through John Belt, during this time.

We don't need rehearsed music in our time with the Lord. We need heavenly music. I truly believe The Oil of Heaven is heaven sent and Holy Spirit birthed. It is some of the most intimate and anointed soaking music I have ever heard and really believe that it will help you access that secret place with the Lord. Sit back and let the Oil of Heaven settle upon you!

Ryan Wyatt
Abiding Glory Ministries

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