Ruah Instrumental (MP3 music download) by John Belt
Ruah Instrumental (MP3 music download) by John Belt
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RUAH Instrumental
MP3 Music Download
by John Belt

RUAH Instrumental is an amazing flow of music that pulsates with life!   The first phase of the music is a very nice soft rhythmic flow takes you into a place of joy, rest and is very spiritually stimulating.  The second phase takes you into a place of deep soaking in the Presence of God where you can go deeper into a place where the wind of God blows in your heart.  This is an absolutely wonderful delight of instrumental proportions!


  1. Ruah Gate 
  2. Ruah Release 
  3. Expanding Air 
  4. Lion Dance 
  5. Rise Up! 
  6. Moving Freely 
  7. Free Rest 
  8. Higher 
  9. Higher Still 
  10. Warrior 
  11. Caught In Love
  12. Dreaming Again
  13. Awakening
  14. Dream in Motion
  15. Deep Sleep
  16. Breathing 
Sample playlist contains 3 clips and will play all automatically.

Thanks!!!!!!! We received the amazing Ruah!  Walo & Nancy

I just want to comment 'Ruah':  absolutely delightful!!  Joy, Peace and Depth are  emphasized on this God Breathed creation.  Lorraine


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