Healing Waters (MP3 music download) by John Belt
Healing Waters (MP3 music download) by John Belt
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Healing Waters
Tranquility Series Volume I
by John Belt

Healing Waters Soaking Instrumental has a weighty presence of God that really "slows you down".  When things are getting busy this CD will get you back on track with the Lord.  There is a wonderful healing flow of His Spirit that is innate the sound of the music.   This is part of the "tranquility series" because it just puts you in an amazing peaceful state.

Healing Waters is the most tranquil & peaceful music that I've ever done to date.  I was looking for a little different sound that would just put you in a heavenly place but in a very simple way.  I think you will agree that this music really creates an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit's Presence that is exceptional. You can put this on eternal loop in your MP3 or CD player...  It really does the job!
  1. Light of Life
  2. Holy Spirit Com
  3. Let It Flow
  4. Burn In My Heart
  5. Healing Waters
  6. Healing Ocean
  7. My Everything
  8. Pour Into Me
  9. To be With You
  10. We Long
  11. In His Heart

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