The Prayer Shield (MP3  2Teaching Download) by Patricia King
The Prayer Shield (MP3 2Teaching Download) by Patricia King
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The Prayer Shield

Creating a Fortress of Prayer to Cover and Protect  Leaders!

by Patricia King

As we move to greater levels of glory and empowerment, we also move to greater levels of resistance and attack.  This is nothing to fear, but it is something we must be aware of … and prepared for.  In this two-CD teaching, Patricia King shares divine insights and powerful strategies on how to create a fortress of prayer around yourself and others. 

The Prayer Shield will teach you:

    •    What a Prayer Shield is
    •    How to be an effective Armor Bearer
    •    How to Establish a Prayer Shield
    •    What the role of a Leader is
    •    Prayer strategies for covering Leaders
    •    The blessings of praying for Leaders
    •    And much more

As you listen to Patricia's teaching, you will receive revelation and impartation to create a mighty and effective prayer shield.  If you are an intercessor, this will be a teaching you can build your prayers on.  And if you are a leader, you will want everyone who prays for you to hear these messages.

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