Overshadowed (E-book) by AJ Butel
Overshadowed (E-book) by AJ Butel
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Ebook by A.J. Butel

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The most significant events to have taken place in this world-right from the very beginning-have been preceded by an overshadowing... a 'coming upon' by the Spirit of God.

Overshadowed, an inspiring message by AJ Butel, is launched from the Scripture in Luke 1:35, where Mary is visited by an angel and told of the baby she will conceive. When she asks how this is possible, Gabriel responds that the Holy Spirit will come upon her and OVERSHADOW her. This word 'overshadow' specifically means to envelop in a haze of brilliancy and to invest with preternatural (supernatural) influence. Upon her "YES", Mary is then overshadowed, impregnated with the DNA of Heaven (Jesus), and revival is birthed throughout the earth!

In Overshadowed, AJ looks at how the Holy Spirit is searching for those TODAY whom He can come upon, to envelop in His Glory, impart His supernatural influence, and advance His Kingdom purpose.

Taking the reader on a journey of intimate discovery, AJ firstly elaborates on the simply stunning benefits of God's overshadowing-being infused with His creativity, validation, strength, boldness, beauty and fruitfulness. She then unfolds what lies within human nature that often rejects the Holy Spirit's resting upon us, and teaches how to cultivate a heart that is welcoming and willing to host and release His presence... A place where His life can be nurtured and multiplied.

This is a significant hour of awakening within the Church, to BECOME the Body of Christ-fully outworking His love, grace and power. And the world is rocking on its axis, awaiting our response... yearning for our embrace and manifestation of His heart.

Overshadowed is a compelling prophetic invitation for us to partner with the Lord-completely overshadowed-to see His supernatural influence at work-bringing reformation to the nations!


The endorsements are simply stunning!

Captivating! Revelational! Passionate! Challenging! Impacting! AJ's book, Overshadowed, is a journey into the heart of Jesus and your own heart! She has been entrusted with a treasure trove of truths and revelation that she so eloquently and masterfully trumpets in her book. AJ's message is heartfelt and honest as she reveals the Lord's engaging heart and love for us, as well as His mighty power and awesome presence to catapult you into new levels of relationship and intimacy. She balances the Word of God and Holy Spirit beautifully in her penetrating book! Overshadowed is for those whose relationship with Jesus has become stale and you're longing and craving for deeper encounters with Holy Spirit. Reading her book is like looking into a mirror but in doing so, AJ encourages, challenges, exposes, empowers, and casts vision to revive your heart and bring revival to others! 
     This is one book you can't put down until you've read it from cover to cover, and you won't be the same after reading it as Holy Spirit overshadows you throughout this entire book!

Jill Austin-President & Founder, Master Potter Ministries USA
National and international conference speaker. 
Author of Dancing With Destiny: Awaken Your Heart to Dream, to Love, to War; Master
           Potter; Master Potter and The Mountain of Fire

Overshadowed will awaken and unlock something unknown and unvoiced within your spirit. It is not for the content or the complacent. It is a prophetic picture to be pondered and embraced as it raises both questions and issues challenges. As I turned the pages of this beautifully woven work I could not help but sense the Spirit's call. It is an invitation to young and old, male and female, King and priest to rise up and be something more than we've ever seen realised. And in doing so, capture the essence of what we are truly destined to be.

Lisa Bevere-Author & Speaker, Messenger International USA 
Author of Kissed the Girls, and Fight Like A Girl

This is the most life-changing, inspiring book I have ever read! AJ Butel writes in an extraordinary way that will inspire you to walk closer to the Lord by allowing him to overshadow you with His Glory. All you'll want to do is please Him in every aspect of your life! It's a book you will want to read and reread if you are desiring a fresh encounter with the living God. You will be changed as you read this book. I was!   

Dr Kaye Beyer-We Care For You Ministries, USA
Author of The Miracle Gift of the Manna.

While reading Overshadowed I found myself touched and tearful because AJ's book hits on so many God-things in a heartfelt way. It's easy to see that Overshadowed has been written, not as a great theory, but from a heart that has history with God and is hungry for more! I have no doubt that you will be "overshadowed" by the Holy Spirit as you read this passionate, powerful, creative, poetic book-loaded with revelation and depth.

Beth Jones-Co-Pastor of Valley Family Church, MI, USA
Author of Getting a Grip on the Basics of Health and Healing Workbook and Satisfied Lives For Desperate Housewives Workbook. 

AJ Butel's new book, Overshadowed is a distinct call to the body of Christ to rise out of fear and distraction and tap into the Church's desperateness for something more. Through her lush writing style she reveals how we can jettison our past emotional and spiritual baggage and begin to allow the Lord's enveloping presence to invade our lifestyles. Her skillful imagery and use of language helps such strong medicine, desperately needed by the Body of Christ, to go down sweetly! Congratulations AJ for doing your part to call the Church to be carriers of His Glory.

Marc Lawson-Pastor of NorthGate Church, Atlanta GA, USA 
Author of It's the End of the Church As We Know It and Amazed by the Power of God

I believe with all of my heart there is a new breed of revivalist emerging in the earth today. God is intent on giving the nations of the earth to His Son as His inheritance, and because of this He is raising up a generation, young and old, who will be anointed for revival, to see nations of the earth turn to God. My friend, AJ Butel, has written a book for this new breed of revivalists. Everything Jesus did He did as a man fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit, and then He turned to us and said, "As the Father has sent me, I also send you." If this new breed of revivalists are going to walk in a "greater works" anointing as described in John 14, which they must if they are going to see nations turn to God, then they must learn how to give themselves completely to the Holy Spirit. 
     There is a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit blowing right now and God is pouring out His Spirit in an unprecedented way. This book will be used to bring people into a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit, and ignite a fire in them which will in turn ignite nations. AJ has done a marvelous job at not only inspiring us to go further than we ever have in our relationship with the Holy Spirit but also gives practical advice on how to get there. She not only paints a picture of where we are headed, but shows us the steps to get there. As you read this book, get ready to be enrolled in the School of the Spirit and experience a journey that will leave you forever marked and ruined for everything but revival.

Banning Liebscher-Bethel Church, California, USA 
Author of The Emerging Revivalists

I love this book. It is an authentic and deeply felt invitation into the realms of God's glory. As I was reading Overshadowed I could literally feel myself being covered by layers of revelation unfolding from heaven. AJ Butel takes us on a breathtaking journey, beyond our natural perceptions into the very heart of God. Every person desiring a fresh touch from heaven needs to read this book! 

Joshua & Janet Angela Mills-New Wine International, USA 
Author of Heaven Invading Hollywood.

Overshadowed is a captivating journey into the inspiring impact the dynamic angelic beings have on our lives and the work of the Holy Spirit of God in our lives. This book will inspire you to believe in the invisible and motivate you to dominate the visible. 

Dr. Myles Munroe-Founder & President of Bahamas Faith Ministries International, Nassau
Author of Rediscovering The Kingdom, The Glory Of Living and Maximizing Your Potential.

It is always exciting to see someone step out or up in faith. AJ has done it with this book. She has seen something invigorating and helpful, and she has ventured to share it with us and we are grateful! I pray that the seeds of her inspiration will sprout into joyful fruit in the heart of those who read her work.

Dudley Hall-President of Successful Christian Living Ministries. 
Author of Incense & Thunder 

AJ Butel is a wonderful wordsmith. She is one of the few writers I have ever experienced who uses words to paint prolific pictures of unseen spiritual realities. Her book, Overshadowed, is an exciting and revelatory journey right in to the very center of the Kingdom of God. I found myself moved, challenged and inspirited as the Holy Spirit walked me through the pages of this book. 
     I couldn't help but think that the author herself must have been experiencing the theme of this manuscript as she penned its words. This book is sure to take any Believer on a tour into the very palace of God Himself. May all of us be Overshadowed like the virgin Mary and be impregnate with Christ himself! 

Kris Vallotton-Bethel Church, California, USA. Co-Founder of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.
Author of five books, including: The Supernatural Ways Of Royalty, Basic Training for the
          Prophetic Ministry, Developing A Supernatural Lifestyle, and 
Purity: The New Moral 


Passionately in love with her Lord, AJ Butel has an insatiable hunger for the Word and Spirit of God, and is in resolute pursuit of its combustive power in and through her life! She loves to encourage Christians to wrestle free from the world's suffocating 'normal' and to expect so much more than a regular mundane lifestyle. Her signature emphasis is to press into God's presence, and from that place anticipate His inevitable, supernatural influence-in ALL things!

As Co-founder and former Editor of the popular publication Enhance Christian Women's Magazine, Amanda thrives in developing empowering resources which transcend the bounds of generation, culture and denomination-and give glory to God. Overshadowed is her debut nonfiction Christian title, with its ministry sequel due to be released early 2010 - called His Breath.

Aside from writing, AJ works alongside Carl, her husband of sixteen years, in operating their graphic design business, Deep Image, as well as nurturing and championing their eleven-year-old son, Bailey, and four-year-old daughter, Armani Rose.

Carl and AJ increase their lives through cultivating relationships among many Believers around the globe; with their home base on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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