Overcomers! To Him Who Overcomes (Prophetic Worship CD)  by John Belt
Overcomers! To Him Who Overcomes (Prophetic Worship CD) by John Belt
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This CD is a prophetic declaration to the modern day Church of Revelation. The first track initiates the CD with John the Revelator's encounter with the Lord and the subsequent tracks begin with the addresses to the seven Churches of Revelation. The addresses are read at the beginning of each track, which is followed by spontaneous prophetic song & singing with declaration and release. This project is different from anything John Belt has ever done and is also wondeful for soaking! 

Songs Include:

1. In the Spirit
2. Ephesus
3.  Smyrna
4. Pergamos
5. Thyatira
6. Sardis
7. Philadelphia
8. Laodicia


I love these new Overcomer C.D.s, they are so anointed !
The music fits the messages to each Church so well.
My favorite is Laodicea, as it is, I feel, such a word to the American Church at large in this hour.

I used to wonder about The Lord saying that He would that we were cold or hot. The hot made sense enough but the cold puzzled me. I learned recently that Laodicea was located between hot mineral springs and mountain streams. The mineral water had medical benifits when hot ,but when even lukewarm, it was bitter and useless. The mountain streams were cold and refreshing. Aquaducts were built to bring this wonderful cold water to the city. As the water flowed from the mountain to the hot valley below, it became lukewarm and no longer refreshing.

My interpretation of this The Lord saying "If you would spend more time in fellowship with Me, the flame of My love would kindle a fire in you that I could use to bring many souls into My kingdom. My love would also flow through you like a cold drink in the desert to many who are weary in my kingdom, and I could even use you to touch the heart of a child changing that life forever. Instead, you are building your own wealth while so blinded by pride that you don't even see how far from Me you are, and how useless you are becoming."

I am so thankful that we serve a God who longs to draw us back to Himself when we start to wander. That He would stand at the door and knock, rather than turn His back on us, is both amazing and humbling to me.

May we all hear His voice, and open the door.... Thank You John for
using your voice and gifts to remind us of His !


I'm getting a lot from the Overcomer CD,like peace and tranquility which I'm in desperate need of. The music is great and flows with the scriptures. I'm getting a lot too from the way you sing the words,with so much intensity and feelings behind them,like the words My Father and the way you pronounce God's name,I find that you do it with such revere and respect. Wow!I recommend Overcomer CD,highly. I'm getting a lot from the Overcomer CD,like peace and tranquility which I'm in desperate need of.

Thank you so much for the Overcomers CD.  I have been playing it nonstop in the house ever since Michelle Krubeck gave it to me. Day and night it is playing and changing the atmosphere of my house. 
I've told Michelle we need to create our own blend of oil, when we do I'll have her send some to you.
Love your music!  Thank you so much!


I had been in a battle all week with the"Accuser".  I was beaten down, still praying, believing, trusting and fighting but it was hard.  Friday morning I heard a message by Paul Keith Davis on the internet and in the course of the message he talked about how God is calling forth a remnant who will be "OVERCOMERS".  That word jumped out at me and I let it sink in.  It registered.  I knew I was called to be one of those overcomers but I was not feeling much like one at that moment. I carried on with the message and when the message was over I went to my mailbox (we still have home delivery so it was at my front door) and recovered the mail.  To my delight there was a package in the mail.  It was from LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE in West Chester, Ohio.  I wasn't familiar with the name of the ministry and didn't recall ordering any CDS from them.  When the package was opened and I looked down at the cover of the CD I was stunned! 

Staring back at me were the words...OVERCOMERS TO HIM WHO OVERCOMES 
- John Belt 

I knew God, my wonderful Father, had sent me these CDS

So, blessings on you John, your family, your ministry and all that you put your hands and heart to do.


John Belt has produced a variety of instrumental and worship CD projects to help people experience God in a tangible way. Through music and sound John opens doors in the Spirit through worship and sound to provide atmospheres for intimacy with God, healing, miracle and prophetic release in the manifested Presence of God.

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