Pastoring Apostles and Prophets (MP3 teaching download) by Roberts Liardon
Pastoring Apostles and Prophets (MP3 teaching download) by Roberts Liardon
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Pastoring Apostles and Prophets is a teaching that Dr. Roberts Liardon did at the Apostles and Prophets conference in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Roberts has pastored teachers, preachers, apostles and prophets for years now.
His biblical foundational teaching will help any pastor who struggles with raising up this next generation of men and woman who desire to be used in the ministry.


Roberts Liardon wears many hats, including author, public speaker, spiritual leader, friend, church historian and agent for justice and societal change.  He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Valentine's Day.  As the first male child born at Oral Roberts University-a large charismatic Christian college in the Midwest-his mother named him in honor of the university founder, Oral Roberts. In the intervening years, Roberts became one of the most recognized and sought after Christian authors and orators of the 20th century, selling over 6,000,000 books worldwide in over 50 languages.  As the 21st century continues dawning, Roberts has been seeking God and making new friends around the world.  He sees new challenges, paradigm shifts, and fresh direction in his life and in the global community at large.  Roberts warmly welcomes you to share this journey of discovery with him.    

From An Early Age

Roberts got started in his vocation early in life, giving his first public address at his grandparents' church in North Carolina at the age of thirteen. Not too long after, he began a lifelong love of words.  He has written over 45 spiritual and self-help books, the first one seeing print in these early days, when he was only seventeen.    This book, I Saw Heaven, was about an amazing visionary experience he had.  The foundation of this divine encounter has informed his life ever since.  By the time he was eighteen, spiritual communities and organizations from around the world were inviting him to share his life and message.   His passion and burden catapulted Roberts into the public eye, which has proved to be a respectable burden of great responsibility. 

Looking Back

After several years of experience sharing God's love and hope, Roberts began to realize the value of spiritual pioneers of times past.  His personal speaking and ministering life became highlighted with a new accent:  researching and sharing about fascinating men and women from bygone eras.  This has manifested in a church history lecture tour, the publication of rare spoken messages from Christian leaders from the past, and an acclaimed book and DVD series, God's Generals, which has become one of the best-selling church history series of all time.  Roberts is counted as one of today's most popular church history communicators.

Growth and Change

Roberts Liardon has always found his center and confidence in the good news of Jesus Christ, but he's always felt an acute discomfort when faced with the prospect of living life in a religious ghetto.  Because of this, his life's journey has taken him to over 100 nations around the world, seeing the image of God in each person he encounters.  Equally at home with kings and religious leaders as with slum lords from the Philippines, Roberts enjoys his neighbors in California as much as having audience with former President Ronald Regan, former Prime Minister Lady Margaret Thatcher, and Billy Graham.  Because of this versatility and willingness to spend time with "whosoever," his notoriety has increased outside the boundaries of conventional Christendom. 

In the early 1990s Roberts moved to Southern California and established his base of operations in Orange County.  Here he founded a Christian center called Embassy, which would become a center for humanitarian work including assistance to the poor and needy in Southern California and throughout the world.  Embassy has established, financed and sent over 250 men and women to nations around the world.  These humanitarian missionary teams take food, clothing, and medical supplies with the message of Jesus to friends and neighbors worldwide. 

Moving On

There are a lot of different things that people have called Roberts Liardon over the years:  humanitarian, pastor, teacher, and philanthropist.  Like anyone this visible, they have also called him other, less charitable things.  Suspicion and slander are part and parcel of the high cost of following the crucified and risen Jesus, who still bears the scars of humanity's suffering.  When asked about his life thus far, Roberts responded,

We all go through stuff-sometimes its thrown at you, sometimes its self-induced, but you need to learn from these seasons without holding onto the emotional baggage.  I've heard a saying, "a teabag is not worth anything unless its been through hot water," and I think that's absolutely true.  God has been the most stable Person in my life through the good times and the hard times; He's been the best friend I've ever had, always believing and giving His best to me.

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