Understanding The Glory Realm (Teaching CD) by Jeremy Lopez
Understanding The Glory Realm (Teaching CD) by Jeremy Lopez
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Understanding the Glory Realm. God's glory is going to fill the latter house more than that of any former move or house in the old testament.
We are being taken back to the garden of Eden where Adam was clothed in the glory of God in the garden!
The Holy Spirit is bringing these things back to our remembrance.


 Jeremy Lopez is Founder and President of Identity Network International. Identity Network is an apostolic and prophetic resource website that reaches well over 151,000 people around the globe and distributes books and teaching CD's on the prophetic move of God. Jeremy has prophesied to thousands of people from all   walks of life such as local church congregations, producers, investors, business owners, attorneys, city leaders, musicians, and various ministries around the world concerning areas such as finding missing children, financial breakthrough's, parenthood, and life changing decisions.

This prophetic ministry desires to see every believer awake to their  destiny. Jeremy releases the prophetic word of God everywhere he goes through a strong prophetic anointing and with a manifestation of the Kingdom of God. He ministers with a revelational prophetic teaching gift that brings a freshness of the word of the Lord to the body of Christ. He teaches the principal that we are positioned in heavenly places and that we are called to minister out of that realm. He accomplishes this through conferences, prophetic meetings and church services. He serves on many governing boards and speaks to business leaders across the nation. He has had the privledge of ministering prophetically to Governor Bob Riley of Alabama. He has also ministered to thousands overseas including millionaires around the world. He has hosted and been a guest on several radio stations
from Indonesia to New York. 
Jeremy's ministry has been recognized by many other prophetic leaders around the nation, some including; Jill Austin,  Andre Ashby, Matt Sorger, Roberts Liardon, John Mark Pool, Shawn Bolz, Sean Smith, Kevin Van Der Westhuizen, Chad Taylor, Scott Wallis, Hope Reeder, Pam Clark and many others.  


" I have received two prophetic tapes from Prophet Jeremy. 
The first one was great and the second one had me crying with joy. I
will continue to sow seeds into your ministry because it is awesome.The prophetic word was so accurate."
- Jimmy Spencer #33
 (former player for the Broncos, now coaches the defensive backs for the Broncos.)

Brother Jeremy,

I wanted to take a few moments to say thank you for the personal prophecies you have spoken over my life. To say I was skeptical would be truthful, so I made sure to tell you nothing about myself. The first prophecy you gave explained my digestive health problems, and you gave instruction to help my health and prolong my life. Since then the prophecies have been so accurate for my business I am currently involved with as well as my future plans.  
The word you sent me confirmed several business plans that I have made, and several I had only dreamed about.  you are truly a man of God, and your word of prophecy is a blessing that I am grateful for. When I read Amos 3:7 I think and pray for you Jeremy.

God bless you,
 Wayne Sutton  (North Carolina)

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