Join The Angels (MP3 music download) by Nic Billman
Join The Angels (MP3 music download) by Nic Billman
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1. Open Up The Heavens  
2. Restore Me  
3. Take Me  
4. More of You  
5. Crying Out  
6. Join the Angels  
7. Crown of Beauty
8. Forever Beautiful (Spontaneous)

Nic's worship leadership is a call to enter in to the innermost courts of the temple, the Holy of Holies, the presence of God. His heart is to lead people in heavenly worship with their whole hearts, bowing down in worship of the King of Kings, and resting in the ever reaching arms of their Abba Father. "To me, worship is simple" Nic says, "Jesus is the King on The Throne and yet he's also the King that calls us to come and rest on his lap. He is worthy of all honor, praise and of all that we have to offer, and yet he is blessed and even excited to simply be with us. My pursuit of Him in worship, can not compare to His pursuit of me in life." Nic believes that true worship is the fulfillment of Isaiah 61, the captives will be set free, the mourners will dance, the shamed will be made righteous and the broken will be restored! Nic's worship style is a combination of intimate songs and spontaneous worship and praise, including everything from modern worship, his own music, hymns and spontaneous prophetic songs.


"Nic Billman has a passionate heart for God. He is an anointed musician and psalmist. Nic worships God on an intimate level, with a deep desire for more of God's presence. He is sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  Nic and his wife Rachel, are very special to my wife and I. They both carry the glory of God, and are visionaries for the Kingdom. They both truly know the Father's heart, and are not stingy when it comes to sharing the love of Jesus. Nic has a burden for the youth and produces fruit to show for it. I recommend Nic for your next worship event. You will be blessed and you'll see lives changed!"

Mike Gates - Open Gates Ministries

"Nic exemplifies the scripture from I Timothy 4:12, "Let no one despise your youth, but set the believers an example in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, in purity." [NRSV] I affirm Nic as a man after God's own heart, as a leader and as one whom I know God will continue to use for His honor and glory."

Jonathan Dow- Aldersgate Renewal Ministries -

"It is clear to see that God has placed an anointing upon Nic's life in many areas, but especially in worship leadership. This anointing not only shines through his life in general but is poured out abundantly when he leads worship. Nic encourages worship to be a time to spend with God, a time to praise God, but also a time to "make it real." Personally worship under Nic's leadership has taken me into that "secret place". It isn't just a "once and done" experience because it seems every time Nic leads worship, the Holy Spirit is alive and moving through us;  He truly inhabits our praises. Worship has taken on a new meaning for me. It has become for me not just a time to sing, but a time to just spend praising God with all of my being, from the depths of me, to pursue the depths of Him. Nic's life is such an example of all he encourages, and his heart for God is revealed during worship as he obvious longs to seek God in a deeper way, that deeper way, he longs for all to know. I pray that wherever Nic goes, and whatever God does in Nic's life that God would pour out all of his beauty, glory and splendor through Nic's ministry in all season's of his life."

Alicia Hollingsworth, Youth/Worship Team Guitarist- Tabor U.M.C."


"I received your two CD's with much thanks, and wanted to pass something on to you. My husband put on the CD while eating supper one evening and a cool wind came in our dining room. He went looking around for a window or door open, and there were none. I then realised it had to be the wind of God's Spirit."

Saint John, NB

A Heavenly Explosion!
by Nic Billman

Hello Worshipers,

I wanted to share about an intimate time of personal worship and prayer that I had just last week.

My wife Rachael and I went to our church to just soak and cover our upcoming worship recording in prayer (live worship recording on 1/14/06). We had a soaking worship CD playing, I heard about 3 minutes of it, because I was immediately focused in a vision from The Lord.

I was laying on the ground over by the Piano and I saw an Angel just hovering above me, gently soaring over me. I couldn't make out a face, but I could see the wings, the light and new it was an Angel. I stared at that for quite sometime, just taking it in, and then I saw wings of fire, that looked like an eagle of fire just soaring over me, circling and circling, almost dancing over me. And as He soared these feathers of fire would fall down on me. I believe that these feathers represented wisdom and revelation coming into my life- more on that later!

This went on for quite some time, and then I saw what looked like a cloud of fog above my head, I remember reaching up and grabbing it, and then I just saw the eyes of the lord above me staring into my heart. I began to sing out everything that I saw and everything that came to my heart. I remember just staring into His eyes for a long time.

Then I saw what looked like the sun coming out from behind a planet in space, just light emerging from darkness. I said "Lord, what is this" and he said "It's a bomb", then I heard a countdown down and a great explosion. Then I saw these missiles just flying at me and hitting me and I heard the Lord say "We've had ground warfare long enough, it's time to set off some heavenly bombs". Then after that I saw God just hold a big cup of diamonds and liquid gold and pour it over me, over and over again. Then the wings of fire returned and continued to soar over me. At that point I heard footsteps all over the stage. I later asked Rachael if she was up there and she said "No, why did you hear the footsteps". I believe that those were the feet of Angels preparing the ground for worship.

As we did that, I heard an organ being played, and it wasn't nice music, it was dark. The next morning I received an article by Wade Taylor titled "Worship for Spiritual Warfare" and he talks about the fall of Satan and references the passages in Ezekiel 28 that refers to that. Wade says:

"Satan was created to be an "instrument" of worship. Within him was the workmanship of a powerful and mighty pipe organ. He led all creation in the worship of God, but because of pride, he fell from this place of ministry and responsibility, and corrupted both man and the earth."

I had never heard that reference before, but after reading Wade's article, I know that the organ I heard was a sign of Spiritual warfare that was taking place. However, God had the victory! Keep reading!

I also saw a vision of an Angel playing the Piano with Leigh Anne, the pianist that will be playing with me as we lead worship on the 14th for the live recording. Which is interesting because the CD will be titled "Join The Angels"!

Then for about an hour Rachael and I just sang and shouted out decrees and scriptures from the depths of our hearts, taking that place for the Lord and shouting out against The Enemy.

Now, to take a step back in time, bout two weeks ago, I had been in our fellowship Hall and as I was leaving I felt something in the room with me. I turned and shouted out "Who's here with me", as I turned I felt the presence turn behind me, the double doors behind me shook and banged and a great wind came up. It was not a good feeling and I knew it was an attack. I left the room and got in my car and prayed. Now, after Rachael and I prayed in the Sanctuary (which lasted about 3 hours), I walked into the fellowship hall and felt the same presence and I shouted "Fire, Fire, Jesus" and as soon as I said Jesus I heard that presence exit, like footsteps on the ceiling. After that there was an immediate peace in the room.

Receiving the article from Wade was confirmation to me after this time of revelation and vision, that Worship is so much more than just cleansing and praising, that is certainly a huge part of it. But do you realize, that when we worship from the depths of our hearts, we are literally strengthening God's Army! If the demons tremble at the name of Jesus, then how do they respond with hours and hours of real heavenly worship from our hearts to God's! God sees our hearts, He honors our desire to seek His face in worship, and as He draws us closer to Him, He sends a few "heavenly bombs" into the Enemy's camp! And remember, "If God is for us, who can be against us" (Romans 8)- NO ONE! Praise God!

Abundant Blessings,
Nic Billman

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